Gasnet – History

Gasnet was founded in 1993 under the auspices of Professor Keith Ruskin and was one of the first  five hundred web sites on the internet.

It was the first website devoted to Anaesthesiologists and was run by a multinational collaboration of like minded physicians in the USA, South America, Europe and Australasia eventually becoming a private corporation in the year 2000. Gasnet is perhaps best known for the gasnet email discussion list which is still functioning nearly 20yrs later even though the original web based resources, and indeed the corporation itself, have faded into the mists of time.

The gasnet mailing list is still open for subscriptions where some of the original participants are still actively engaged.

Gasnet.tv is a concept developed from the original principle of Gasnet itself – ‘to develop a careful yet innovative approach to information sharing, providing credible, interactive, multimedia content to users from more that one hundred countries and brings internet based communications into the Web 2.0 era.

The mantle for  Gasnet advancement had passed from Professor Ruskin via several intermediaries back to one of the original group – Dr Allan Palmer who is spearheading developments into the social web space that will include:

  • Informal online discussion environments
  • Web based news and information updates
  • Podcast video and audio discussion and information shows
 The latest development in Gasnet history is an online discussion community based on the Google+ platform which can be found at Gasnet on Google+

The Google+ Gasnet community is currently run as a private community so as well as a Google+ account you will also need to be invited in or make a special request on the community page. Membership is open to all Anaesthetists (Medical and Nursing) worldwide and other professionals working in closely allied fields. All membership requests are moderated by Dr Allan Palmer so please when you apply make sure your professional affiliation is visible in your profile. If you would rather keep that affiliation out of the public eye then please send me a private message via Google+

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