Gasnet discussion review – 19th June 2021

Gasnet has been busy in the last few weeks with posts from all over the world on a multitude of topics. Some academic, some of more personal interest.

So what have we been discussing recently:

  • The joys of anaesthetic induction via non-standard routes eg rectal thiopentone and intramuscular ketamine.
    Experiences and anecdotes abound especially from some of our more senior members!
  • Timing of cancer-related bowel surgery in a patient with a very recent stroke (cerebrovascular accident).
    Lots of anecdotal opinions and some useful tips.
  • Experiences and opinions regarding the ‘Memsorb CO2 removal technique’.
    An interesting technique but seems to use a lot of air and oxygen that then goes to waste.
  • Yet another string of publications withdrawn because of research misconduct including accounts of how these are discovered form one of our long time Gasnet members.
  • Discussion of the current mouse epidemic in Australia:
    Immediately followed by all sorts of shenanigans and comments about various pestilences and plagues from biblical times!
  • Access to drugs in the operating room and the love-hate relationship especially in the USA with automatic drug dispensing machines.

So the usual reminder if you are interested in taking part:

  • If you have already subscribed to gasnet head on over to your email and join the discussion.
  • If you are not already subscribed to the Gasnet anaesthesia email discussion its free and painless, no advertising and no spam. Head on over to and follow the instructions. Your application to join is usually approved within 24hrs.

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