This week in Gasnet – 14th May 2021

A lull in activity on Gasnet through most of April and then lots of interesting topics suddenly get an airing!. Given its long history and the fact many Gasnet members have been involved since the very early days, I think we have all grown comfortable with silence! Unlike other email discussion lists or social media, Gasnet doesn’t need continuous ‘chatter’ to stay relevant. We are very comfortable with not saying anything when nothing needs to be said. Join up and enjoy the quiet reflective discussion (mostly!).

So what have we been discussing recently:

  • Modern revisions in Australia and New Zealand to electrical safety standards in the operating theatre and how this influences equipment that can be used in theatre and the electrical configuration of theatre itself.
  • The latest episode in the ongoing war against ‘dodgy’ research papers within our field of Anaesthesia and the latest article retraction one of our Gasnet members has been involved with.
  • Rectal Oxygen and an anecdote filled discussion of various methods of drug administration in some of our most ‘difficult’ patient.

So the usual reminder if you are interested in taking part:

  • If you have already subscribed to gasnet head on over to your email and join the discussion.
  • If you are not already subscribed to the Gasnet anaesthesia email discussion its free and painless, no advertising and no spam. Head on over to and follow the instructions. Your application to join is usually approved within 24hrs.

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