This week in Gasnet – 28th March 2021

Bit of an omnibus edition as I was on call and in Australia we had some seriously heavy rainfall causing all sorts of mischief. You may have seen mention of this on the news:

Indeed the rains in Australia were one of the conversation topics as several of the longest-serving members of the Gasnet community live down under. Good to say all are safe and well if a little damp and a few tales to tell of ingenuity being needed in true Australian style (there was mention of a pathologist measuring INR levels by boat!). One of the remarkable things about the Gasnet email discussion list is the enduring friendships forged over the years and interest in mutual welfare through thick and thin.

Other topics discussed included:

  • Destabilising effect of new medications on long term medical conditions such as diabetes
  • Why one should not trust the colour indicator in sodalime. It may have expired!
  • Straw poll of users who use dexamethasone in nerve blocks
  • Diagnosing sick sinus syndrome (the hard way)

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