Gasmandownunder: Gasnet Podcast Season 1 Episode 2


 In this our second beta episode Dr Bill Crozier from Brisbane, Australia shows us what can be achieved by an Anaesthetist with a pashion and a blog.


S01E02 Gasman Downunder

  1. Main topic today an anaesthetic blog – gasmandownunder –
  2. Recorded live at the Australian Society of Anaesthetists National Scientific Meeting held on the Gold Coast, Australia in October 2014.
  3. Second segment in the session “The Socially Enhanced Anaesthetist”.
  4. Main presenter today is Doctor Bill Crozier, an Anaesthetist in Brisbane, Australia.
    1. Bill was originally trained as an anesthetist in the United Kingdom but has lived and worked in Australia for the last 24yrs. The tagline on his blog summarises his style nicely when it says “the essentially inane ramblings of a guy living in the best place in the world who is in almost complete denial of the aging process”.
    2. Bill has a strong interest in High Altitude Medicine and Physiology as well as the underlying cell and gene responses to the low oxygen environment. He has travelled to the Himalayas every year for the last 10 years and his blog started as a way to share his travels.
    3. Youtube page
    4. Blog: gasmandownunder –
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    1. Mobile Friendly – automatically generated mobile friendly website.
    2. This site can be saved as a bookmarklet and once a few more episodes have been uploaded to our server there will be a app for both IOS and Android devices.
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  11. Next podcast episode – what Twitter has to offer anaesthetists in 140 characters or less.

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